Let me introduce 21.2.2019
performance during the exhibition «Youth, emotions, dreaming of better world», Dům umění Ústí nad Labem.
photo credits: Jáchym Myslivec

‘Let me introduce’ is a performance about a brief of ‘a girl’. The performance has two parts. The script for the first part is based on the autobiographies of Soyoung Bae and Roza Pogosian. The third biography belongs to a fictional character - ‘a girl’, her biography was constructed using random made-up facts and some facts from actual biographies of performers.

First part is based on text and consists of six chapters with a variation of the rondo in Western classical music. Performers are introducing ‘a girl’ to the audience by reading out loud a biography of a fictional character. Then each performer reads their autobiography in their own language (Russian and Korean). Biographies are written in a very dry form, but at the same time really connected with strong memories of performers.

In the second part, performers are turned into anthropomorphic characters by putting on the masks and start the process of healing each other in an improvised form of contact using voice and bodily movements. They continue reading extracts from their own biographies and biography of fictional characters.

In the act of verbalisation of autobiography and biography of someone else appears a notation of swapping and blending identities. Those statements are in between announcement, reminiscence and confession from the objective bald facts to the detail of the intimate memories. Through the repetition and variation of each part, performers build, demolish and reassemble the figure. By blending together two different cultural backgrounds - appears an abstract character, left with the pure notion of a young girl in modern society. Using improvisational performative techniques in a form of a ritual we are entering the state of presence and non-presence while being in the space of proximity. Exploring the therapeutic aspect of self-reflection through biography, we achieve a healing effect.