Hi, I'm Roza

I describe my practice as interdisciplinary with the main focus on temporal fragilities and performative mediums of communication. My process-based projects are aimed at building ecological and sustainable relations from the perspective of post-human subjectivity. Applying performative, theatrical, fictional and non#spy;fictional strategies in installations, videos and objects I create environments where in the zone of proximity everyone is invited into thinking of new possible ways of relating to oneself and each other.

The project that I mainly was focusing on over the past years is ‘into the welcoming hour’ and it is based on performative and sociological research. The aim of the research is to enable intersectional encounters through building a space of sensitivity, vulnerability, empathy and trust. In that particular space and at that moment of time we are coming together and by that decapitalizing and emancipating our human and beyond-human relations and as a group of individuals we manifest in that search of common liberations. The project forms an open collective of people working in cooperation with other living forms. Through these cooperative and collective processes, I am committed to thinking about the political, social and personal possibilities of living together as one absolute symbiotic environment, contributing to the partial and functional biological, cultural, political and technological restoration and reconstruction of the vision of common future and the implications and repercussions of that affirmation in the today's reality.